• Workshop name

    • T3. Book project • Cover to cover
  • Given by

    • Paz Alomar
  • Dates

    • September 5th to 10th 2022
  • Timetable

    • Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Maximum number of students

    • 12
  • Price of workshop

    • 160 €
  • Entry rules and registration


T3. Book project • Cover to cover

Given by Paz Alomar. September 5th to 10th 2022

5 — 10 September 2022
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The course explores books in the sense of potential organizable worlds.

The value of an artist’s book lies in the ideas that it contains.
All colours are beautiful.
All shapes are good.
All supports are suitable.
All that remains is to decide on the format.
B. Villiers.

In the hands of an artist, a book is reaffirmed and known as an Artist’s Book. And it is now a well-established perfect container for an artist’s creativity: an easily adaptable workable object, in both its format and the materials used to make it. Artistic objects are, in essence, a book. 
Ulises Carrión. 

Conveying your communicative inclinations through a book is a fascinating exercise in expression.

This workshop explores the concept of an artist’s book, taking two starting points: firstly, the question posed by Mexican artist Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) “What is a book?”; and secondly through calligraphy as an expressive plastic tool for use in a personal project by each participant.

The course explores books in the sense of potential organizable worlds. As such, in order to stimulate and fuel the participants’ creativity, it is important to be familiar with the structure and significance of a book as a form and concept, and to have a plastic/artistic language as a means of expression. With bookbinding, a structure, space or backdrop will be created where anything might happen or unfold. With calligraphy, the participants will have an expressive plastic basis for their project. Through this technique and its tools and materials, they will have a language to give shape and meaning to their artistic ideas.


  • An introduction to some basic models of books.
  • An introduction to the basic structure of a book and the techniques used to make them as a springboard for planning an artist’s book.
  • A presentation of calligraphy: its rhythms, spaces, ligatures, and singularity, and its use as an expressive language in the personal projects developed by the participants.
  • An introduction to the basic rules of calligraphy. Working on blocks of text.
  • Exploring contemporary calligraphy. Graphic resources.
  • The creation of a personal project based on the presented techniques, experimenting with the ones that best fit in with each participant’s artistic ideas.

No prior knowledge is required of either of the two disciplines that will be worked on.

Paz Alomar. Mallorca, 1963.
A professional bookbinder, Paz Alomar has had a workshop in Palma since 1989. She has worked with calligraphy since the year 2000, incorporating this technique into her teaching and creative activities. She has exhibited her pictorial and calligraphic work since 2006. In 2013, she founded the independent publisher’s pazalomaredicions, inspired by two of her passions–bookbinding and poetry–, where content and form are treated with the same loving care and images and words find a shared space.

Further information: @pazsimplemente