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Tallers i cursos d'Obra Gràfica 2019 / Printmaking workshops 2019

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Joan Miró's printmaking workshops 2019

"We believe that, in their approach to contemporary creation, artists should take advantage of all the resources that society crates so as to find the tool that best suites each individual's own personal language"

The Fundació Miró Mallorca was founded following the donation by Joan Miró and his family to the city of Palma, in 1981 of four creative workshops where he had worked intensily, from 1956 until his death, so that they could become a stimulus for future generations of artists. Miró expressed a desire for the spirit of creativity and transgression to live on after his dead, and with Son Boter. The workshops have conserved that desired to act as springboard for experimentation in a wide diversity of artistic fields.

Year after year, in this privileged setting, young artist and other more established ones carry out project, exchange ideas and share their creative experiences. Fundació Miró Mallorca has enabled numerous artists to work in its engraving, lithography, silkscreen and ceramics workshops. In the last years it has opened its doors to new technologies and incorporated digital printing systems. Additionally, by making Pilar Juncosa & Sotheby’s Grants and Awards widely known to people internationally, this has helped convert our workshops into a meeting place for young artists from all over the world as well as facilitating stays and experiences abroad.

The goal that has characterized all these years of constant effort, wich we will still propose today is a careful balance between memory and innovation: that is,  a respect for traditional techniques in conjunction with an intense desire for contemporaneity.


Printmaking Workshops
Fundació Miró Mallorca
Carrer de Saridakis, 29
07015 Palma
Tel. +34 971 701 420
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Entry rules

Registration for courses is open to all persons interested. The enclosed application form should be send by email or post email to the Fundació Miró Mallorca (Reference: PRINTMAKING WORKSHOPS), including  curriculum vitae and 4 to 6 photographs of recent work.

  • Selection: the selection procedure will be conducted by the teacher of the course and decisions will not be subject to appeal. Successful applicants will be notified individually
  • Payment: Successful applicants must pay to the Foundation the registration fee into the following account: ES97 21004011 52 2200005120 “la Caixa” Savings bank. Proof of payment must be send to the Foundation.
  • Material: included in the cost of the workshop

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Application to Joan Miro's printmaking workshops 2019