Posted on 17 June 2017

This Saturday we made the last session of the family workshop "1,2,3 ... PRINT!" framed within the program of "Mons creatius primavera" and directed at this session to families with children between 7 and 12 years old. It is a workshop designed by the educational team of Miró Mallorca Fundació and has as a starting point the work of Joan Miró linked to the books of bibliophile and the typography.

To start with we discovered a special place in our museum… the Library!

Then, inside the library we observed several Joan Miró’s books where he played with the letters, the font types and even how he created characters through his own letters. We have talked about how the artist wanted everybody to observe and enjoy his work, and how because of this, he often used a technique that allowed him to make as many copies as he wanted of a single work: the engraving.

We have got to Son Boter where, first of all, we have created our compositions and have given life to our characters from letters and symbols of different designs and sizes.

Once we have had our finished composition, we have made the printing, using screen printing screens, in some of Joan Miró’s favorite colors: red, blue and black. Finally, once our creations have been wetted, we have intervened with wax and other dry techniques.

With this workshop we also close the projects that we have developed during “Mons creatius primavera 2017”. Thanks to all of you who have participated!

* * *