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Exhibition “SERT x MIRÓ furniture for the studio”

Posted on 20 October 2023

"SERT x MIRÓ furniture for the studio" at the Pilar Juncosa Library

The project for Joan Miró’s studio goes beyond the architecture. Josep Lluís Sert is not only designing a building, but also shaping an artist's worskshop.

Therefore he is understanding and interpreting the way the artist works, how he occupies the space and transforms it. Sert captures the artist’s wishes and translates them faithfully into the lines and volumes of his architecture: the mezzanine and balcony to observe the works in progress; the skylights and brise-soleils that capture the Mediterranean light, essential in the Mironian process, while lessening the distraction of the landscape; the choice of local materials, anchored to the earth and warm to the touch.

Sert even goes so far as to design the studio’s furniture, adjusting it to the needs of his particular client and specifically to his extraordinary collection of found objects, folk culture and artifacts of the most diverse origins. When Miró finally faces the reality of his dream of having a large workshop, the impact of the empty space paralyzes him. The artist had to appropriate the space. He thus covered its walls and corners with a second skin of images and found objects. Miró picked up the project where the architect left it off, completed it, and imbued it with meaning.


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Showcases, shelves, filing cabinets, tables and even a replica of the GATCPAC armchair will be produced in Mallorca under the supervision of Angel Juncosa Iglesias, Pilar’s brother, following the architect’s directions from the exile. The Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca stores as long-term loans the blueprints that Josep Lluís Sert sent to Angel Juncosa from America in 1955 for the construction of the studio furniture. Together with the blueprints, this exhibition includes the letters that Joan Miró addresses to his brother-in-law Angel giving him specific instructions for the furniture and other details. Also shown here is the record book from Can Juncosa where commissions for both the studio and the Son Abrines family house are listed.

The project of the Sert Studio for Miró in Mallorca came about in special circumstances due to the distance and continuous trips of his two protagonists. Thanks to this, extensive written and graphic documentation has been kept in the archives, which helps reconstruct the process that shaped the studio and have a greater understanding of the relationship between Joan Miró and Josep Lluís Sert.

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