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Miró, painter of poets and poetry

Posted on 1 August 2023


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Miró had a special esteem for the graphic work since it fulfilled his will to democratize art. Universal artist, faithful, tenacious, resilient, idealistic and dreamer, child and father, friend, generous and with a sense of humor. Joan Miró achieved in life and, in spite of the many difficulties, to make his dreams come true. Considered one of the most important artists of the 20th century, the passage of time makes his work and figure prevail and far from fading, emerge.

Would you say no?


“Maravillas con variaciones acrósticas en el jardín de Miró” is a book edited by La Polígrafa, S.A. which has 20 original lithographs by Joan Miró and poems by Rafael Albertí that he had dedicated to the artist. These works are now and, for the first time, sold separately. The Fundació Miró Mallorca has 42 copies of the book:

  • Lithograph on paper Guarro
  • Dimensions: 49.5 x 36 cm (13 copies)
  • Dimensions: 50 x 71 cm (7 copies with a fold in the middle)
  • Drawing of 1,500 unnumbered copies
  • Signature of Joan Miró on the zinc plate
  • Edition and printing: Polígrafa Editions, S.A., Barcelona.


  • For the 13 copies of lithographs with sizes 49.5 x 36 cm = 625€ each lithograph
  • For the 7 copies of the lithographs with sizes 50 x 71cm = 675€ each lithograph
  • For the original lithographed folder = 690€
  • For the original lithographed case = 690€
  • The complete book: 7.500€

For whom?

For lovers of the work of Joan Miró and/or anyone who wants to make/take an original and unforgettable gift.


Because they are put up for sale for the first time in a unified way, they have a very affordable cost, they are certified originals and because if you do not buy one, you will regret it!


On sale in the near future at the Fundació Miró Mallorca’s store. Edition and limited number of lithographs for sale.

Art and poetry

Edition and limited number of lithographs for sale

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