• Activity

    • Joan Miró Graphic Art Workshops
  • Given by

    • Carles G.O’D
  • Dates

    • From August 21st to 26th 2023
  • Timetable

    • Monday to Friday: from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Saturday: from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Maximum no. of students

    • 10
  • Price

    • 160€
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T3. 2023 Workshop on Silkscreen Printing (CLOSED – only waiting list)

Given by Carles G.O'D. From August 21st to 26th 2023

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Silkscreen printing is the most versatile, easily accessible printing technique in the field of modern graphic art. It started out as an industrial process but gradually became used in the art world, both in higher artistic circles and underground ones, thanks to its flexibility and the quality of the results.

This workshop is based on the teachings of Corita Kent, a nun who transformed this technique into an artform. It is aimed at creative minds and people with a special curiosity for printmaking, fanzines or teaching art. Illustration, photography, painting, design and comics are disciplines closely associated with silkscreen printing.

The aim of the course is for the participants to learn the whole flat silkscreen process for printing on paper. A wide range of different tools will be used, from handmade photolith film and handmade printing to professional equipment, such as a semi-automatic screenprinter with air suction or a vacuum copying frame.

Emphasis will be placed on digital colour processing (Photoshop), using advanced tools like the layering of translucent inks and screens in order to multiply the chromatic possibilities and generate optic illusions. The work of other artists and collectives will be studied to contextualize contemporary silkscreen printing practices. At the same time, inspiration will be sought for each participant’s own work by viewing and analysing audio-visual and physical materials.

The course will focus on the development of an individual project where each participant makes a printed edition with the guidance of the teacher, although collaboration and teamwork will be needed in certain parts of the process to ensure optimum results.

It will begin with a theory session using audio-visual materials to explore different uses of silkscreen printing, and several original works will be studied. Each participant must bring black and white images to use as a starting point for their project. Preparation of the images using Photoshop and printing with three inks on A3 paper or similar. Experimentation on different materials and supports will also be encouraged.


  • A basic knowledge of Photoshop.
  • An interest in collaborative processes and teamwork.
  • Sketches, drawings, photos or black and white images must be brought as the basis of the project to be developed.

Carles Garcia O’dowd
. (Mallorca)

Carles, also known by the name of his artistic alter ego G.O’D., was born in Palma. He is an illustrator with a restless creative mind, dedicated to silkscreen printing, activism, teaching and illustrating.  An obsessive illustrator, he trained in art in Barcelona, Hamburg, Guadalajara (Mexico) and New York, in addition to doing several artistic residencies in places like London, Florida, Guangzhou and Oaxaca. His favourite reproductive technique is large-format silkscreen printing, using manual and digital means. His work is hard to pigeonhole, and it mainly encompasses the fields of the visual arts, illustration and performances.

During the years that he trained as an artist, he formed part of alternative circuits and his evolution has always been closely associated with contracultural movements, punk, social struggles, popular culture and the queer movement. His inquisitive nature as an artist has led him to work with the Beehive Collective in the USA and with the independent publisher Le Dernier Cri in France. He has also travelled around the world attending independent comic and printmaking festivals.

He is a co-organizer of Gutter Fest in Barcelona, Crack! in Rome and the Tropicana Dreams Festival in Palma. He produces his own publications in the form of fanzines and narrative posters. For four years, he coordinated “Trine Print Club”, a printmaking studio in Palma. From 2015 to 2018, he travelled around Europe presenting Proyecto Útero, an ambitious collaborative drawing with the artist Tonina Matamalas, presented in museums like the Barcelona Macba or Macro in Rome.

Carles has lived in New York for three years, where he moved after being awarded a prestigious Fullbright award to do an M.A. at the New York School of Visual Arts. His illustrations have been published in The New Yorker and The Washington Post Magazine, and his clients include Viña Rock Festival, Deutsche Telekom and Save the Med Foundation. He is represented by Galería Philippe Labaune in New York and by the British agency Illustration X.

Further information: http://www.carlesgod.com