T3. Ceramics. Porcelain for artistic projects (SOLD OUT)

Porcelain is a highly esteemed very white, hard, translucent ceramic material fired at high temperatures. Its roots can be traced back to China to the Shui dynasty (581-617). It was not until the 14th century that the first imports of Chinese porcelain arrived in Europe. The formula used to make it was highly confidential. In Europe, numerous attempts were made to obtain something similar, without success until the 18th century in Germany, where the first hard porcelains similar to Oriental ones were achieved.

From then on, it spread to other production centres in Europe and considerable knowledge was built up about this technique, although for a long time it was restricted to industrial applications. Artists and potters have only had access to these clays and techniques for a few decades, since a veil of professional secrecy prevailed for many years.

Workshops and courses

T2. “Mokuhanga”. Woodcut & Japanese printmaking

Given by Sebi Subirós from July 13th to 18th 2020

Workshops and courses

“CANCELLED until further notice” T1. Camera, paper, photo book: Photobooks as a creative tool and means of publicizing photographic work

Given by Toni Amengual from May 26th to 30th 2020

Workshops and courses

“Fauré: piano music”. Joan Ramon Company in concert

Gabriel Fauré through the piano: Nocturnes, Barcarolles & Thème et variations

Performing arts

Miró’s legacy to contemporary artists / renting the printmaking workshops

The engraving, lithography, screen printing, ceramic and digital printing studios of Joan Miró are currently available for artists’ use.

The nights of outdoor cinema return. PlaySummer19!

Every Thursday of the month of August you have an appointment with the cinema! Outdoor projections at the Moneo Building and guided visits to the Foundation.


Hugo Race, formerly of The Wreckery and Nick Cave, will perform at the Foundation #StJoan19

Hugo Race will offer the only musical performance in Spain at the Miró Mallorca Foundation next 21th June.

Performing arts

T1 Photographic workshop 2019. Given by Juan Baraja

From June 24th to 29th

Workshops and courses

T2 Workshop on additive techniques. Given by José Ignacio Rincón

From July 15th to 26th 2019

Workshops and courses

T3 Workshop on “MOKULITO” (wood lithography). Given by Ariadna Abadal

From August 19th to 30th 2019

Workshops and courses

Mallorca Live Festival PRO at the Foundation

We will welcome the MLF PRO 2019 on May to connect with the international professionals of the music industry

Performing arts

The two best music students of Spain will offer a concert at the Foundation

XI Mallorca Saxophone Festival. Friday, 5th April at 7 p.m.

Performing arts

International Jazz Day Mallorca. April 30th

MIRÓ & JAZZ.. Fundació Miró Mallorca. Espai Estrella & Auditorium

Performing arts