• Aimed at

    • Families, groups and/or individual visits (max 25 people min 5)
  • Availability

    • First and last Thursday of each month at 12:30 a.m.
  • Description

    • Visits in English and/or in Spanish
  • Cost

    • 1€ + General admission fee 9€ = 10€
  • Lengh

    • 45 min.
  • How do I book?

    • By prior reservation at the ticket office

Visit to the Collection

Visites permanents el primer i tercer dijous de cada mes al matí


Descobreix les obres que Joan Miró va fer a Mallorca i els secrets dels tallers de la mà del personal de la Fundació.

A tour in Spanish/English by the Fundació’s staff, visiting the exhibition galleries and learning about our collection. An overview of Miró’s 30 years in Mallorca, the creative process behind his work and an introduction to some selected items from the collection in order to get to know his work. Open dialogue with the participants.