Awardees of Pilar Juncosa & Sotheby’s Awards and Grants 2023

Posted on 12 October 2023

One more year, and reaffirming the strong commitment of the Foundation and its founders Joan Miró and Pilar Juncosa to young artists, the new awards and grants for 2023 have been granted, totaling €50,000.

© Mabi Revuelta

Pilar Juncosa i Sotheby’s Biennal Award for Artistic Creation

María Revuelta Sierra

(Bilbao, 1967).

Project awarded with €22,000: “The Inhabited Mask

The artist’s works reflect on universal themes, which have been present in her work since the very beginning. These themes are consistent in the creations of this artist residing in Bilbao: the relationship between reality and fiction, the permeability of genres (especially in the convergence of literature, performing arts, sculpture, and audiovisual arts), and the pursuit of didactic strategies to value art as a driver of social change.

The project “The Inhabited Mask” aims to create a film at the Son Boter studio of Joan Miró, exploring the most fascinating elements of the creative process. The development of the script and the film will be undertaken after research in the archives of the Fundació Miró Mallorca and an in-depth study of the materials and objects that constitute the universe of Son Boter.

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© Yuri Tuma

Pilar Juncosa Award for An Educational Art Project

Yuri Tuma

(Sao Paolo, 1983 )

Project awarded with €6,000: “Duck Spoon in Front of the Sun“.

Yuri Tuma is a Brazilian multidisciplinary queer artist residing in Madrid, focusing on the exploration of contemporary narratives related to various ecologies through sound art, installation, and performance as a means to address and reevaluate the human/animal binary imposed by Western science and thought. Immersed in the architecture, gardens, and collection of the Fundació Miró Mallorca, artist Yuri Tuma proposes the creation of an educational laboratory aimed at delving into new listening methodologies as a central axis of collective practices.

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Honorable mention:

Nerea Montmany Cabello for her project “On the micro social movements rooted in the discomfort of young people’s daily lives“.

© Flavia Regaldo

Training Grants to take part in courses at Joan Miró’s Printmaking Studios

Each grant consists of free enrolment on one of the courses/workshops held the following year and a gross sum of €2,000 

Flavia Regaldo

(Brasil, 1984)

The artist says: My work aims to shape invisible forces and common tension in matter, considering rhythm and chaos through micro and macro perspectives while reimagining the natural and social dichotomies. Over the last 4 years, their work has been focused on a project titled “Despois da partida,” a study of image narratives concerning minerals, matter, and their human and cosmic dimensions. The work began its development at the University of Lisbon and involved the composition of a series of etchings in a process analogous to photogravure, using metal plates, silkscreen printing, and the aquatint process to achieve the composition of prominent grains and holes in the image.

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Wenceslao Robles Escudero

(Sevilla, 1976)

The artist says: I work on engraving and exhibit my projects, leaving the viewer to their ethical interpretation, like the passage of man that always alters the landscape. I work on images using etching, occasionally incorporating drypoint and collagraph. These are highly referential and entirely figurative graphic images, completely devoid of anything organic, without references to the human figure or any other animal or plant elements.

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© Chihiro Shigemitsu

Chihiro Shigemitsu

(Japan, 2000)

The artist says: Joan Miró once said: “I work like a gardener or a winemaker. Things come slowly”. These words have always resonated with me as an artist with experience in various forms of printing and multimedia, working across Japan and the United Kingdom. Screen printing has taught me the importance of human touch, like hands picking grapes or nurturing flowers, experimentation, practice, and time. Unlike computers, human touch will always introduce an element of error, the “happy accidents,” which I have been pursuing in my printing method. In my practice, I’ve created a generative printing technique, a simple method where I use three dice and a roulette, combining a list of verbs with an object like paper or ink, deliberately creating “happy accidents.”

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Itsaso Jiménez Iribarren i Cristian Sebastián Soto Martínez

(Chile, 1990) – (Spain, 1993)

The artists say: We are Itsaso and Cristian, a company made in Pamplona dedicated to teaching and fostering creativity, visual arts, and the revival of crafts. We are committed to local production, the “slowmade” approach, and art education as a necessary tool for addressing the needs of the 21st century. Contemporary art, with its inherent capacity to challenge and transcend boundaries, has been a constant source of inspiration in our professional development and the path that currently unites us as a collective and workshop. Every stroke, every gesture, every experiment with techniques is a gateway to the authenticity and the purest expression of the creative soul.

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© Gabriel Llinàs

Grants for Accommodation and Participation at La Casa de Velázquez, Madrid

Each grant shall be for a total of €4,000 to cover travel expenses, food, etc.

Gabriel Llinàs Soto

(Mallorca, 1994)

For his project: “Palaces of Memory“.

Biel Llinàs’ artistic practice explores the connections between space, the individual, and experience. From a critical perspective, he questions the discourses and tensions that traverse the everyday places we inhabit, consume, and produce, addressing areas such as geography, urban planning, and architecture. Within this framework, he explores the material conditions that define creative work in the digital age through an autoethnographic methodology. While he begins with a strong background in painting, his work unfolds from a multidisciplinary approach, blending disciplines such as photography, installation, performance, drawing, and writing.

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© Estibaliz Sádaba

Estibaliz Sádaba Murguía

For her project: “(Re) Domestic Reconstructions“.

The artist will create an installation to reflect on the historical difficulty of women’s relationship with domestic space, drawing upon multiple disciplines: imagery, sound, performance, collage, and drawing. Specifically, the exhibition will feature an experimental audiovisual piece in which the artist works with paintings by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel (Padua), featuring a series of groups of women offering houses. Her intention is to link these images to the work of the Master of Manzanillo from the collection of the Llàtzer Galdià Museum titled “The Catholic Monarchs with Saint Helena and Saint Barbara”, where two women also appear making offerings of houses.

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© Verónica Domingo

Grant for Accommodation and Participation at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London

A grant for a total of €4,000 to cover travel expenses, accommodation, etc. in London.

Verónica Domingo Alonso

(Bilbao, 1989)

For his project: “The Blitz“.

The artist says: “The Blitz” is an artistic research project focused on the recovery of Historical Memory. The central theme of this project is the deep-level shelters constructed under the London Underground during World War II to protect citizens from sustained bombings carried out by Nazi Germany from 1940 to 1941. Through graphic techniques, painting, photography, and burlap sacks, both the research process and the discoveries arising from it will be materialized in an artistic installation that recreates a thought-provoking scenario of reminiscent sensations, encouraging a retrospective look at these structures of historical reconstruction.

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Honorable mention:

Elvira Amor Melones

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© María Dones

Training Grant for the Winners of the Certamen de Arte Gráfico para Jóvenes Creadores (Young Creators’ Printmaking Award)

Since 1996, Fundació Miró Mallorca has collaborated in the Certamen d’Art Gràfic per a Joves Creadors (Young Creators’ Printmaking Award), organized this year by the Calcografia Nacional of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, the Real Casa de la Moneda and Fundación Azcona.

The Foundation offers a training grant to one of the winners of the Certamen d’Art Gràfic per a Joves Creadors (Young Creators’ Printmaking Award). This consists of free enrolment on one of the courses/workshops run by Fundació Miró Mallorca’s printmaking studios, and a gross amount of up to €2,000 to cover expenses relating to attendance of the course.

The 2023 edition has awarded:

María Dones Obispo
(Madrid, 1994)

For the artwork: In Memory of Your Grandparents, 2023

Marta Rivera de Heras
(Guadalajara, 1998)

For the artwork:Departure, 2023

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