Pilar Juncosa & Sotheby’s Grant for Research into Miró


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Fundació Miró Mallorca
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Fundació Miró Mallorca offers a research grant worth €8,000 for projects on the subject of Joan Miró and/or his artistic and cultural milieu.

One of Fundació Miró Mallorca’s founder goals is to support and promote research into Joan Miró’s life and artistic career, hence contributing to a raised awareness of them.

Projects of particular interest include those aimed at exploring less well-known aspects or periods of Joan Miró’s life and work, in addition to the use of information from the Foundation’s documentary sources.

The proposed projects must be unpublished on submission of the outlined proposal and they must remain unpublished until the winner or winners have delivered the completed work to Fundació Miró Mallorca. The Foundation’s prior written authorization must hence be given for the partial or total dissemination or publication of the work in any form whatsoever prior to the completed version’s submission.

The research work for proposals that are awarded a grant must be carried out within a maximum of one year from notification of the Jury’s decision.

The Foundation shall appoint a person to monitor the work.

Fundació Miró Mallorca reserves the right to present and possibly publish the final work, always with the author’s consent.