“Constel·lacions”. Miró DansaLab

Posted on 19 December 2017

In the acts to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the opening of Fundació Miró Mallorca we have developed the "Constel·lacions" Workshop, which is included in the Miró DansaLab project: a set of movement workshops conducted with the Teatre Principal, directed by Baal dance and the educational team of the museum.

The “Constel·lacions” workshop has been a process of experimentation with the movement, linked to plastic language concepts and to the work of Joan Miró. It has been developed in a very special space: one of the exhibition halls of the museum with works by the Miró exhibition ever seen.

During the workshop, intensive improvisation and immediate composition have been worked, creating a choreography in which the body movement in space was forming a new, particular and ephemeral constellation.

"The night, the music and the stars began to play a more important role when it comes to suggesting paintings"

Sweeney, J. "Joan Miró: comment and interview". New York. "Partisan Review" 1948

As a conclusion, the participants read Miró’s quotes, in which the artist, in first person, narrates different parts of the process of creating the 23 drawings that make up the “Constel·lacions.”

* * *