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“Miró-Sert-Gomis. The light in the artist’s studio”

Posted on 23 November 2020

"The light in the artist's studio"

"Miró-Sert-Gomis. La luz en el taller del artista" is an exhibition proposal which explains, transmits and experiments with the importance of light in the workshop of Miró in Mallorca.


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The purpose is to portray one of the key elements of the atelier and connector
between the painter, the architect and the photographer: the light. The objective is a dialogue between plastic art, architecture and audio-visual pieces reflected in a mythical and magic space.

The plastic artist Bea Sarrias and the filmmaker Morrosko Vila-San-Juan, give shape to the project by using photographs that Joaquim Gomis shot in 1961 at Miro’s Art Studio in Mallorca shortly after it was inaugurated. Miro’s Art Studio was designed and built by his architect friend J.L Sert. Against the background of the Mediterranean light, sound and mild weather, the meticulously cinematographic series of photographs by Gomis, combined with video shot in the studio of his architect Sert, create the ideal setting for creativity.

Bea Sarrias and Morrosko Vila-San-Juan propose the creation of a series of drawings, sketches and audio-visual pieces that will enable the possibility to recreate and take us back to the workshop surrounded by its extraordinary conditions of light, climate, sound and vegetation. A landscape that clearly identifies the work of Miró and the construction of Sert, mastered through photography by Gomis during his many visits.

  • ©Morrosko Vila-San-Juan, 2020.
  • Bea Sarrias trabajando en su taller

It is indeed an artistic project with an experimental component while at the same time creating a unique documentary. It portrays the light in the studio of the artist while at the same time re-establishing the enormous value of these two worldwide recognised artists: Miró and Sert with their friendship, their dialogue and their commitment towards art and towards their era. The aim is also to get to know the influence of Joaquim Gomis as innovative photographer, collector, entrepreneur and art promotor with his close relationship to Miró.


  • ©Morrosko Vila-San-Juan, 2020.
  • Taller Sert. Acrílico sobre tela(120 x 120 cm) de Bea Sarrias.

As such, the artist, the architect and the photographer provide us with a unique opportunity to witness their creative dialogue bathing in Mediterranean light.

This project has been selected by the LAB of the Spanish Embassy in Brussels to be inaugurated ONLINE in early 2021 with the support of the Fundación Miró Mallorca, Succesió Miró, Fundación Miró Barcelona, Fundación Arquia and Martin´s Atelier in Brussels.

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