“The tip of an umbrella”. 1st session

Posted on 27 January 2018

This Saturday we made the first session of the family workshop "The tip of an umbrella", framed within the program Mons creatius d'hivern-Project binomis and directed, in this session, to families with children between 3 and 6 years. It is a workshop designed by Irene Gayà and Antònia Huguet, members of the educational team of Fundació Miró Mallorca and has as a starting point the reflection of the museum based on the artistic poetry-audiovisual media.

To begin with, we have become word explorers! We have discovered very special words that were hidden in different corners of the museum and we have been keeping them at our cloud.

With all the words we have discovered, we have gone to the educational space where we have mixed words, forms and colors, bringing us closer to the world of Joan Miró and to poetry, through different artistic techniques.

Finally we have experimented with photography, through which we have created a collective poem (gif) that we want to share with you!

* * *