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    • Ariadna Abadal
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    • Del 19 al 30 d’agost de 2019
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    • De dilluns a divendres de 9 a 15 h
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T3 Workshop on “MOKULITO” (wood lithography). Given by Ariadna Abadal

From August 19th to 30th 2019

19 — 30 August 2019
Workshops and courses

"MOKULITO" is an alternative printmaking technique, based on the principle of lithography but using wood as a printing plate instead of limestone. It is a non-toxic process developed by professor Seishi Ozaku in Japan in the 1970s. The technique can be combined with woodcut engraving, collage and other processes.

The main advantage of “Mokulito” compared with conventional lithography is that fact that large formats can easily be worked on. The artist is not conditioned by the size of the lithographic stone (with large pieces being hard to find). It is a very spontaneous technique, allowing for free expressive strokes. Single prints and printed edi-tions can be created, depending on the creative process followed by each individual artist. This workshop is aimed at artists in general wishing to get to know and experiment with alternative printmaking procedures. No prior knowledge of copper engraving or lithography is necessary.


Introduction to the process, the tools and the materials

  • Preparing the plate
  • Creating the image
  • Fixing the image
  • Preparing the paper
  • Inking and printing
  • Colour printing with multiple plates,

Superimposed images

  • Preparing collages


The participants must bring drawings, notes or sketches of the project that they want to work on during the two weeks of the course. They must also bring digital images of examples of their artwork to show everyone else. Each artist will receive personal guidance in the use of the techniques.



ARIADNA ABADAL LLORET, Arenys de Mar, 1977She graduated in biology at Girona University. She is the daughter of Clàudia Lloret and Jordi Rosés, the founders of Calella International Printmaking School and the directors of Murtra Edicions. She has been surrounded by ink and tarlatans since she was a young child. Since 2012, she has collaborated with the ARTPRINT RESIDENCE, run by her parents. She has given specialist courses in various different copper engraving, etching, aquatint, dry point, soft varnish and monotype techniques. She has experience as a teacher of photoengraving and “Mokulito” workshops. A keen researcher into new printmaking techniques, she works in the field of non-toxic printmaking, monotypes and innovative alternative printmaking processes.