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The Foundation reopens its doors!

Posted on 30 May 2020

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On Tuesday, June 2nd, the Miró Mallorca Foundation reopens its doors with all the security, communication and safety measures implemented, both for visitors and workers of the institution. To inform our visitors, a series of  informative signs have been created on purpose and adapted to the new situation. In this way, the public will be able to know at all times how to act to avoid situations that may endanger everyone’s safety.

In addition, placement of safety glass partitions, supply of gloves, hydroalcoholic gels, masks, special litter bins and other measures to prevent the spread of the virus, are provided.

Among the main novelties of this new signage, it should be noted that a circular and unidirectional route has been devised in the exhibition halls, using footprints with Mironian colors (red, yellow and blue) and a Balearic look (see bellow)

Specific information panels have also been created and designed for the store, where the use of masks and gloves will be mandatory and for the Sert and Son Boter studios, where capacity will also be limited, as in the Foundation store.

Statement by Francisco Copado / Director-Manager of the Miró Mallorca Foundation:We are and, so we want to transmit to our visitors, a safe place free of COVID-19. Our aim is to comply with the de-escalation plan established by the Spanish Government and guarantee all sanitary and preventive measures for workers, visitors and users

The Foundation’s usual opening hours are maintained, but the cafeteria service will not be available until June 11th and will only be open from Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The cashless system or the elimination of cash in all the Fundació (ticket office, shop, cafeteria, etc.) is also established from 06/02. Only payment is accepted through banking services, digital media, credit/debit cards and/or by electronic devices. On the other hand, in this new stage the use of museum elements designed for tactile use by the visitor will be disabled. Paper brochures will not be available to visitors either in the room or at the ticket office. For this reason, a QR code will be provided to all visitors so that they can easily download the information brochure and the map of the Foundation.

Visita segura _ Safe visit

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